The innovative furniture program PROFIConnect consists of a stationary base bench, modularily equipped with power sources and connectors, as well as a mobile workstation for docking to the base bench. This unique workstation concept offers a maximum of flexbility for students, service engineers or in R&D.


  • supports teamwork as well as individual tasks in education labs
  • flexible interaction and communication of engineers when servicing complex test systems
  • supports communication in teams for R&D due to easy conversion into meeting tables



For more than 40 years the UFZ in Niederstetten Germany offers high quality vocational trainings and retrainings for mechanical and electronical professions. The absolvents get trained on hightec machinery and in latest process technologies to add greatest possible value to the domestic labour market.

The new building was lately equipped with an  ultramodern electric lab and workshop from hera.

The height adjustable lab bench series X-Lift is equipped with latest telescopic lifts.

The lifts have following features:

  • impressive lifthing height of 650mm
  • fast lifting speed of max. 38mm/s
  • very silent although the max. lifting force is 480kg
  • intuitive handling with flexible position memory and app control

Two types of X-Lift Benches are available:

  • X-Lift Quattro with 4 lifts for heavy duty applications with high cross stability
  • X-Lift Duo with 2 lifts for IT benches and low-weight lab benches


The PROFI STATUS-LIGHT is an innovative safety feature for the electrical lab benches with vertical PROFI extensions, it indicates one or more switching modes in color green, yellow, red. The STATUS-LIGHT is located on the highest point of a workstation and it is clearly visible from each direction. Besides the attractive design the PROFI Status-Light fulfills all requirements for electrical accident prevention in educational - and industrial laboratories.


The STATUS-LIGHT is available for SINGLE/MULTI extensions and the ENERGY extensions:

  • Satinated perspex head, 10mm
  • Stackable for more color indication
  • Integrated RGB-LED controller for the indication of variable colors (basic colors: red, green, blue)

The system allows to realize different algorythms and flashing lights and is fully installed in the extensions and wired to the electrical rack.

For more than 5 years now hera is the contracted partner of the federal procurement Bundesbeschaffungsamt in Austria.

We just were awarded with a renewal of the contract for the governmental workshop - and laboratory workstations, as well as storing systems.

BBG, who is the procurement partner of the Austrian government, contracts selected partners for a variety of products  and services to serve the requirements of Austrian government in administration and eductation. We are proud that our modular workshop - and laboratory workstation program could again convince the decision makers.


The intelligent and modular device series IMOD with its networking possibilities and ultramodern operating concept fulfills all requirements of latest IoT technology.

The modular principle and the updating function will make sure that workstations with IMOD technology are always state-of-the-art.

The available Function-Units

  • Laboratory Power Supply
  • 1phase and 3phase AC Sources
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Function Generator

are now added by following extra functions:

  • High Performance Power Supply max. 500V and max. 120A
  • Temperature Measurement
  • High Current Measurement max. 100A
  • Control of LED Workstation Lamp

Optionally the IMOD series can be controlled with the webbasing IMODdesktop for PCs or the IMODmobile for mobile units:

  • Graphical interface with same design and control concept than the IMOD Control Unit
  • Resolution and background selectable, e.g. individual classroom view
  • Intuitive handling, no training essential
  • Group control of more function units
  • Personalized password protection


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Nowadays most public buildings and domestic homes offer lots of hightech and smart installations. So the curriculum for professional electricians in installation technology holds much more than the wirings of switches, outlets or lights.

Our training system for SMART HOME bases on the professional KNX European Installation Bus (EIB), where trainees learn how to create building projects in different topologies, integrate latest KNX components and program the functions for automatic or control by smartphone.  

Some available functions are:

  • Basic Panel with Binary Inputs, USB Interface, Switching Actors, Lamps, Bus Coupler and Head Rail for own Components and different room masks
  • IP Control Center with WIFI Router for the control by smart phones, tablets or PCs
  • Video Camera System
  • Motion Detector Sensors
  • Air Quality Sensors for CO2 measurement
  • Weather Station with Sensors for Wind, Temperature, Brightness, etc.
  • Heater
  • Shutter
  • and many more

E-Mobility is not only the top priority of vehilcle manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide but it also became a major topic for workstation producers. The technical requirements for the electrical equipment changed considerably and so we expanded our modular product program, especially by means of DC supplies. Now the PROFI Workstations in combination with the IMOD Device System cover all common functions for R&D and test workstations for the field of electric mobility.

The IMOD Device Series is fully compatible with latest IoT standards and supports automatic test procedures with arbitrary voltage and current progression as well as many features for data locking and evauation.

For your E-Mobility Workstation following Data might rise your interest:

  • AC Sources up to 520A
  • DC Sources up to 500V or 120A
  • Multimeter up to 100A
  • Circuit Breakers, sensitive to all currents and Emergency Stop with Safety Category 4

Industry 4.0 is a common term in modern economies. It is better to get prepared now if we want to claim a leading place within the ranking of dynamic manufacturing nations.

For this reason, educational institutions around the globe prepare their engineers for future industrial processes with main focus on programming, robotics, IOT and the always essential sensors.

As the industrial sensors are considered the centerpiece of those high-tech systems, we offer an economic solution that provides extensive knowledge especially around those sensors. For an up-grate, the trainer can be controlled by PLC. The Sensor Test Panel is easy to understand and offers perfect fundamentals for more detailed trainings on complex mechatronic installations.

The compact trainer is equipped with a motorized conveyor, rotation disk and counters. It can be operated either manually, automatically or PLC controlled. The trainer comes with inductive, capacitive, optic, magnetic, fiber optics, ultrasonic, analogue sensors and different material samples.

Learning Content:

  • Basics to Industrial Sensors
  • Sensing Range Determination
  • Sensing Range Setting
  • Reduction Factor
  • Switching Hysteresis
  • Functionality of the Sensors
  • Responsitivity to Material Samples
  • Frequency Counting
  • End-Position Detection
  • Detection on Inclined Surfaces
  • Sensors for Explosive Areas (NAMUR)
  • Window Operaton NO/NC
  • One Switch-Point NO/NC

Keeping track with nowadays fast changing technology is quite a challenge, which can best be faced if we encourage young people to choose a technical career. The foundations for this can be formed in school at an early age with interesting and easy to comprehend learning aids.

For this reason we decided to offer a battery operated training system which accompanies students of higher secondary grates at their first steps into the complex world of electronics.

The scope of delivery holds circuit masks, a plug board for variable circuits, analogue ammeter and voltmeter, all necessary plug-in components, connectors, cables and a CD manual.

Learning Content:

  • Measurements within Electric Circuits
  • Electric Parameters
  • Ohm‘s Law
  • Resistors in Series / Parallel Connection
  • Bridge Circuits
  • Extended Series / Parallel Connection
  • Unloaded/ Loaded Voltage Divider
  • Diode
  • etc.

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