IMOD Control-Unit

The intelligent and modular device series IMOD with its networking possiblities and modern operating concept fully complies with latest requirement for IoT.

Networking Instruments in IMOD Technology

  • 7" touch display for operation and observation of up to 5 laboratory sources and instruments
  • fully programmable and networking with lots of practical features for industry and education
  • lab benches with compact instrument racks due to bus-communication

hera Lab Benches with Flap Technology

  • 3 different types of flaps suitable for each application
  • double rubber lip for cable access even if flap is closed
  • starting from width 1295mm the flaps are sectioned in the middle

hera Sit - / Stand Workstation with impressing 670mm lifting height

  • impressing lifting height of 670mm
  • fast (max. 43mm/sec) and silent moving lifts
  • trailing chain for cable protection

hera Sit - / Stand Workstation with up to 640kg Lifting Capacity

  • fully synchronized heavy duty lifts, max. 640kg
  • very high lateral stability due to special frame
  • also recommended for corner combinations

hera workshop bench with height adjustable bench top

  • only bench top is height adjustable
  • shelves and bench rack remain in fixed position
  • can be variably enhanced with broad range of workshop accessories

hera LED workstation lamp PREMIUM with adjustable color temperature

  • designed for the installation to hera workstations,  perfect, for homogeneous illumination of the full workspace, tiltable by 320°
  • stepless adjustable between 2600K (warm white) and 6000K (cold white)
  • mico-controlled dimmer between 0…100%

hera LED Workstation lamp Standard, Dimmable

  • designed for the installation to hera workstations,  perfect, for homogeneous illumination of the full workspace, tiltable by 320°
  • daylight white, up to 5000 Lux
  • micro-controlled dimmer between 0...100%

hera Lab Bench for Education with Retractable Bench Rack

  • retractable bench rack, controlled at the bench or remotely
  • double rubber lip for bruise protection
  • device section safetly protected in retracted position

Retractable Bench Rack, both sides equipable

  • retractable bench rack, remotely or locally operated
  • optionally both sides can be equipped and benches can be connected to both sides
  • modular equipped with laboratory devices
  • double rubber lip for bruise protection

hera Workstation with Movable Monitor

  • modular equipped aluminium channel with movable attached accessories, e.g. monitor, tool holder, trays
  • especially useful for wide workstations, as the accessory follow the worker and is always in perfect reach

Movable Training System Frame for Ergonomic Practical Lessons

  • stable frame for all training systems in standard A4 size
  • practical training in upright, ergonomic position
  • the bench is ready for theoretical lessons as soon the frame is locked in rear end position
  • frame equipped with tray for small parts